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Why You Absolutely Need Photo
Enlargement Software

Photo Enlargement Before and After - Click here for more information

Photo enlargement is performed through a process called interpolation: the computation of color values between pixels. All software programs that enlarge photos only use these interpolation methods:

  • Nearest neighbor interpolation
  • Bilinear interpolation
  • Bicubic interpolation

These methods are crude and not able to produce satisfactory enlargement results. Here's why . . .


Nearest Neighbor Photo Enlargement
New pixels are made the same as others close-by. The pixels or dots of color are duplicated to create new pixels increasing as the image grows. It creates pixilation or edges that break up curves into steps or jagged edges, also called "jaggies."
Bilinear Photo Enlargement
Bilinear interpolation filters surrounding pixels to smooth out jaggies giving the image edges a smoother look. Pixels from the four surrounding pixels are sampled to provide the color value for new pixels added when enlarged producing a blurry result.
Bicubic Photo Enlargement
Bicubic interpolation goes slightly further by analyzing 16 surrounding pixels and using that information for enlargement. It produces smoother results but enlargements above 150% quickly degrade in quality.

Nearest Neighbor Method

Bilinear Method
Bicubic Interpolation Photo Enlargement
Bicubic Method

The above three methods are the only ones provided in popular photo software programs, even those costing hundreds of dollars.

Kneson Software has taken digital photo enlargement technology far beyond these methods with Imagener. Imagener's 3 Versions produce the following results on the same image:

Imagener Enhanced Version Photo Enlargement
Imagener Enhanced Enlargement
Imagener Professional Version Photo Enlargement
Imagener Professional Enlargement
Imagener Unlimited Version Photo Enlargement
Imagener Unlimited Enlargement
3 Versions...
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Imagener intelligently analyzes wide image areas around each pixel to precisely enlarge images.

Imagener Image Enlarger
Imagener Enhanced uses the Kneson Progressive enlargement engine to analyze pixels and calculate a gradient color spectrum matrix, then performs enlargement based on color gradient changes. Imagener Enhanced produces 200-300% enlargements without quality loss.
All the features of the Enhanced version plus our revolutionary Kneson Progressive++ Enlargement Engine - an interpolation technology that goes far beyond methods used by other photo programs costing hundreds of dollars. Amazing enlargements appear from your digital images. Allows enlargements greater than 300% without pixel quality loss.
Resharp Function
Professionally sharpen picture enlargements and further enhance images using Imagener Pro's resharpening function.
Sharpen Using Slider Bars:
Imagener Pro's resharpening function
Imagener Unlimited - the world's first raster to vector enlargement technology contains all of the features of: Kneson Software's revolutionary Kneson Unlimited++ enlargement engine that converts pixels into vectors for enlargement then back into unlimited enlargements.*
* limited only by computer memory
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