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Imagener Gives You Power To Create Beautiful Image Enlargements

Imagener Enhanced

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  • Imagener intelligently analyzes wide image areas around each pixel to precisely enlarge images.
  • Two Enlargement Engines

  • Imagener Enhanced has two enlargement engines that go beyond Photoshop® and other photo editing software. Imagener Enhanced provides both the Kneson and Kneson Progressive enlargement engines to analyze pixels and calculate a gradient color spectrum matrix, then performs enlargement based on color gradient changes. Imagener Enhanced produces 200-300% enlargements without quality loss depending on image content and resolution.
  • Image Enlarger Before and After Example


    • Imagener Professional is a software program that enlarges photos and digital images maintaining image quality.
    • Imagener Professional provides a set of enlargement engines that extend beyond abilities of expensive photo programs.
    • Creates stunning enlargements from digital images.
  • Imagener Professional has all the features of Imagener Enhanced plus our revolutionary Kneson Progressive++ Enlargement Engine which allows enlargements greater than 300% without quality loss.
  • Resharp Function

  • Imagener Photo Enlargement boxImagener Professional and Imagener Unlimited both have the ability to professionally sharpen and enhance photo enlargements. In fact, use Imagener to sharpen and refine all images even if you’re not going to enlarge them. Most if not all images need resharpening.
  • Stunning massive, beautiful, detail‑rich enlargements.


  • Imagener Unlimited – the world’s first raster to vector enlargement technology contains the features of:
    • Imagener Enhanced
    • Imagener Professional

    plus Kneson Software’s revolutionary Kneson Unlimited++ enlargement engine. Converts pixels into vectors for enlargement.

    (limited only by amount of computer memory)

  • Temporary Vector Conversion

  • Imagener Unlimited’s photo enlargement engine works completely differently than our other enlargement engines.
  • All of our enlargement engines enlarge images up to about 5 times their size, but Imagener Unlimited can enlarge images even larger, up to the size of the memory in the computer.
  • Imagener Unlimited’s enlargement engine is very strong, performing a temporary vector transformation, then outputs all elements in original raster format after enlargement.
  • Photo Enlargement Using Vector Analysis

Imagener Unlimited enlarges complex images performing an extremely intensive 3 stage transformation that took 20 years to develop. Imagener Unlimited has the enlargement engines of Imagener Enhanced and Imagener Professional which are also far superior to what can be achieved in other expensive commercially available programs.

User Reviews

I can double or triple the size of my photo images with incredible clarity. It’s everything you said it was!
Phil C.
Imagener has helped me in situations where Photoshop® could not. I depend on this program.
LeGrant Harshaw - Greensboro, NC USA
Your application is BY FAR, the BEST Image resizer I have ever seen!
Moises Davidescu - Vancouver, BC, Canada
I compared an enlargement from a photo kiosk at my local pharmacy to a photo enlarged with Imagener Enhanced. The Imagener enlargement was much clearer.
N. Henderson - wall mural artist - Corvallis, OR USA
[Imagener Unlimited] is amazing. I can enlarge pictures to poster size with NO JAGGED EDGES!
Kyle Kistler, El Cajon, CA USA

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