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Low Resolution Photos and Images

We receive dozens of images from customers asking if they can be enlarged. Most of these images are obtained from websites or scanned in from a magazine. Images need to be at least 200 dpi (dots-per-inch) for purposes of enlargement, and 300+ dpi is even more recommended. (On a computer screen this is really ppi or pixels-per-inch. Dpi or dots-per-inch technically relates to a printed picture. Most people just say dpi when refering to either situation.)

Digital images can appear beautiful to the eye and still be very "lossy" in their actual content. "Lossy" means that the image is saved in a format that is stripped of a major amount of content. The popular JPG and GIF image formats are known as "lossy" formats because it is easy to decrease the substance of images down to the smallest possible size that still "appears" satisfactory. Images in these formats can appear substantially attractive to the human eye and still have a lot of their image information stripped out of them. This is done so that their file size is smaller and they load on web pages quickly.

Images scanned in from magazines or newspapers are also low resolution images. They were printed to save ink yet still appear adequate - even very pleasing. Take a look at the image below. This appeared to be an image that we could enlarge big enough to build a floor-to-ceiling wall mural with YottaPrint. We scanned it from a magazine advertisement using a new scanner at 600 dots-per-inch, a resolution so high that it made the file size very large.

Original Image - Scanned in at 600 dpi

When this original is enlarged, the lossiness of the original is evident. Since the original was a low resolution image, there simply was not enough information in the photo to enlarge it satisfactorily. See the two examples below. You can clearly see what the human eye missed:  dots in the original that are not visible until the image is enlarged.

As you can see, when a low resolution image is enlarged, even the best scanned image using the best photo enlargement software (Imagener, of course) is only enlarging content that simply does not exist - pulling apart what is there and revealing what is not.

The high resolution scan served to create a really detailed image of the dots that the scanner could "see," then the enlargement process perfectly enlarged the dots. Images taken from websites can often be much worse than this, completely coming apart into large blocks when enlarged. This is because in their original form they may look okay, but the human eye is really looking at very little actual digital content.

Again, the original image in this example was scanned in at an extremely high resolution - 600 dpi - but the beginning image just did not have sufficient content for image enlargement purposes even though the human eye sees a beautiful picture in its original form. If in this case the picture we scanned had been a glossy actual photograph with at least 300 dpi resolution, the image could have been enlarged or used to create a beautiful wall mural.

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Imagener Image Enlarger
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Resharp Function
Professionally sharpen picture enlargements and further enhance images using Imagener Pro's resharpening function.
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Imagener Pro's resharpening function
Imagener Unlimited - the world's first raster to vector enlargement technology contains all of the features of: Kneson Software's revolutionary Kneson Unlimited++ enlargement engine that converts pixels into vectors for enlargement then back into unlimited enlargements.*
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