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Digital Photo Enlarging

When considering your digital photo enlarging needs, try to think of this in terms of the photo enlarger you would need to enlarge a photo if you didn’t use a digital photo enlarger.

Hardware photo enlarger

Without digital photo enlarging you would need an expensive hardware photo enlarger such as this. You would then need a beginning photo that had a sufficient record of the detail in the image – which is the same as having at least 300 DPI or “dots‑per‑inch.” This DPI is the resolution of a photo. If you took a low‑resolution photo that was below 300 DPI to a hardware photo enlarger you would not get the result you are trying to achieve either.

Imagener by Kneson Software performs even BETTER than hardware photo enlargers. Imagener analyzes more of the image than a hardware photo enlarger can because of its digital nature and layered technology. A hardware photo enlarger can only analyze an image in two dimensions & mdash; exactly what its lens “sees.” Imagener analyzes the pixels of photos like hardware photo enlargers and analyzes the meaning of this content using modern C++ object‑oriented programming language techniques. This makes digital photo enlarging far more capable than hardware photo enlargers of old.

Realize though that no photo enlargement device or software can enlarge what simply is not there – and low resolution images or photos that do not contain much “information” (dots‑per‑inch) for sufficient content detection will yield varying results. Therefore, we recommend that all images be at least 200 DPI for purposes of enlargement, and 300+ DPI is even more recommended. We wrote about this in an article entitled “Image Resolution 101 – How and Why to Change Resolution in Photos and Images?” We extended this discussion in a later article entitled “Photo Resolution Computer & Printer Differences – How Computers Treat Image Resolution Differently Than Printers & How to Find The Resolution of a Digital Photo.

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