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Imagener Unlimited

The World’s First Raster to Vector Enlargement Technology

Imagener Unlimited does not work with pixels — it analyzes an image for regions that make up similar color groups at an invisible-to-the-eye level of detail. The initial analysis stage creates vector-map regions down to the single-pixel level. Imagener Unlimited utilizes the Kneson Unlimited interpolation method. This photo enlargement logic has never before been available in any photo software.

Photo Enlargement Engine Dropdown Box Demonstration

Staged Analysis and Conversion

Imagener Unlimited analyzes the image complexity and assigns complexity values to each region no matter how small. The Kneson Unlimited++ interpolation method then uses these values to compute a finely tuned vector map of the entire image.

Imagener Unlimited then converts these pixel groups into vectors defined by the vector map. This process alone vastly improves the look of all images even before enlargement.

Unlimited Enlargement

Once the image has been encoded into vectors, even the most complex images can be resized without limit* as Imagener enlarges by stretching each tiny region like a rubber band. The resulting image has outstanding clarity even at massive proportions for poster printing or wall murals. Imagener Unlimited is the world’s first raster to vector conversion technology.

* Up to available computer memory.

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