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Imagener supports the following file formats:

JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg, .jtf)
Tag Image File Format (.tif/.tiff) (without LZW compression)
Tag Image File Format (.tif/.tiff) (with LZW compression)
GIF (.gif) Format (without LZW compression)
GIF (.gif) (with LZW compression)
Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
PCX – PiCture eXchange Format
Kodak PhotoCD (.pcd)
Targa (.tga)
Enhanced Meta File (.emf)
PNG – Portable Network Graphics
Windows Meta File (.wmf)
Saving Files
Double image size enlargement
500% image size enlargement 
Sharpening Function 
Kneson Enlargement method1
Kneson Progressive Enlargement method2
Kneson Progressive++ Enlargement method3
Kneson Unlimited Enlargement method4

1. The original enlargement engine technology, used by thousands worldwide.

2. An interpolation technology that analyzes pixel information based on content and complexity of the image.

3. An interpolation technology that analyzes content and complexity using object-oriented algorithms built in pure C++ to go far beyond enlargement methods used by popular image products costing hundreds.

4. An interpolation technology that transforms images into vectors allowing outstanding image enlargement clarity.

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