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Imagener Professional

Enlarge images up to 500% without quality loss*

Imagener Professional employs the Kneson Progressive++ interpolation method of pixel analysis which vastly improves on Imagener Enhanced by leveraging the power of the programming language C++. The Kneson Progressive++ interpolation method analyzes interpolated information for each dot, then analyzes each pixel in the array of pixels used in the original analysis. Imagener Professional is more sensitive and complete in its enlargement decision matrix and delivers far superior results bringing life to sharp edges and more careful blending to image areas containing gradient color changes.

Imagener Professional also has sharpening functionality built into the user interface. This resharpening filter is similar to the methods used to sharpen film images.

Imagener Professional’s Resharp Functionality

The source (enlarged) image shows sections that may be less than crisp, and the resharpening function subtracts these areas from the source image. You can read more about Imagener Professional’s Resharp functionality here.

Resharpening Function

Only in Imagener Professional and Unlimited

*Assumes images are at least 300 dots per inch resolution, but amazing results can still be achieved even for images that are lower quality.

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