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Photoshop® Photo Enlargement

How Photo Enlargement Relates to Photo Editing Software

While Photoshop® is amazing for many photo editing needs, photo enlargement is one area where other software can prove much more effective.

The photo below highlights detail areas where enlarging with photo enlargement software – in this case, Imagener – produced a crisper, clearer, more detailed result.

This photo is small in physical size and has low-resolution. It is used here specifically to demonstrate Imagener’s ability to produce a photo enlargement better than Photoshop.

Low resolution image before image enlargement

This is an Intentionally Low Resolution Image

This photo doesn't have sufficient image information for any program to be able to enlarge well.
Imagener image enlarger and Photoshop(r) differences

Photo enlargement software made the sky areas on the right more clear and pronounced. Details like wooden lattice‑work appear crisper and brighter using photo enlargement software.

People at far distances appear pixelated in the Photoshop® photo enlargement above.

Our customers have asked us for years about enlarging low‑resolution images such as this1. While no program can make image information appear that isn’t there, Imagener does the best possible job using existing photo information and elements to perform enlargement.

1. The term “low-resolution” means images below 300 dots per inch or DPI. For more information about dots-per-inch and how to find the DPI of an image, see Image Resolution 101 – How and Why to Change Resolution in Photos and Images. Click here (opens a new window).

Imagener Photoshop Photo Enlargement

Imagener from Kneson Software is a stand-alone program but directly enlarges Photoshop’s native .PSD files to provide sharp, clear enlargement without pixelation.

Imagener can ingest Photoshop PSD files directly

Working with Photoshop PSD files directly reduces the risk of working with other file formats that can degrade images or create a “lossy” effect during editing and saving. Imagener will also enlarge image content for all of the popular file formats.

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