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Why You Need Photo Enlargement Software

  • Photo enlargement can be performed with better results than ever before.
  • Modern programming languages like C++ allow powerful photo enlargement engines.
  • Stunning results from even slightly low-resolution photos are now possible.
Photoshop Enlargement Methods
3 enlargement method variations, Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear and Bicubic with variations of Unsharp Mask
  • High-end programs like Photoshop® have not kept up.
  • Photo software created for changing content, not image size.
  • Imagener has up to 4 enlargement engines that go beyond photo editing programs.
Imagener Photo Enlargement Engines
All of Photoshops®enlargement methods PLUS 4 additional enlargement engines with real‑time Unsharp Mask engine

Photo enlargement is performed through a process called interpolation: the computation of color values between pixels. All software programs that enlarge photos only use these interpolation methods:

• Nearest neighbor interpolation  • Bilinear interpolation  • Bicubic interpolation

These methods are crude and not able to produce satisfactory enlargement results. Here’s why . . .

Nearest Neighbor Photo Enlargement
New pixels are made the same as others close-by. The pixels or dots of color are duplicated to create new pixels increasing as the image grows. It creates pixelation or edges that break up curves into steps or jagged edges, also called “jaggies.”
Nearest Neighbor Enlargement Method

Unusable Enlargement Above Original Size

Bilinear Photo
Bilinear interpolation filters surrounding pixels to smooth out jaggies giving the image a smoother look. Pixels from the four surrounding pixels provide the color value for new pixels added when enlarged producing a blurry result.
Bilinear Enlargement Method

Unusable Enlargement Above Original Size

Bicubic Photo
Bicubic interpolation goes slightly further by analyzing 16 surrounding pixels and using that information for enlargement. It produces smoother results but enlargements above 150% quickly degrade in quality.
Bicubic Enlargement Method

Unusable Enlargement Above 150% Size

Enlarging above 150% (1 1/2 times) is not possible using the methods above, and they’re the only ones provided in expensive photo software programs. Imagener lets you enlarge up to unlimited size.

Imagener Enhanced Enlargement
The enhanced version of our original enlargement engine. Imagener Enhanced produces enlargements up to 200% without quality loss.
Imagener Enhanced Image Enlarger

Enlargements Up To 200%

Imagener Professional Enlargement
Imagener Professional produces enlargements up to 500% without quality loss and includes image Resharpening.
Imagener Professional Image Enlarger

Enlargements Up To 500%

Imagener Unlimited Enlargement
Imagener Unlimited produces enlargements up to the limit of memory in your computer and includes image Resharpening.
Imagener Unlimited Image Enlarger

Unlimited Image Enlargement

Traditional (Old) Photo Enlargement Methods Explained

This video demonstrates how the traditional, old photo enlargement interpolation methods work in expensive photo software like Photoshop® and is exactly why you absolutely need photo enlargement software like Imagener.

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