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Poster Printing Without a Printer

If you own YottaPrint you’ve created wall murals probably on 8.5 X 11-inch printer. Or you’re going to. Unless you own or have access to a large format printer or plotter you may have thought you were confined to small page sizes using YottaPrint to create a poster. This article will show you how to use YottaPrint loaded with your personal photos printed on high-quality oversized color paper without owning a large color printer.

This article is the first in a series that demonstrates the entire process of taking a photo from a smartphone and creating a huge wall poster presentation. This first article will show you how to do poster presentations easier and better using YottaPrint. The steps are as follows:

  1. Print individual YottaPrint pages to high-resolution PDF files (explained below)
  2. Edit the PDF files in Photoshop or other PDF editing software to combine edge pieces (optional – explained below)
  3. Merge the PDF panel files into one file (free program here)
  4. Send the PDF file to online copy or print service (FedEx or an online copy shop)

Using a copy service you can print YottaPrint panels using ‘tabloid’ size pages which are 11 X 17 inches, likely quite a bit larger than the maximum capacity of your home printer.

How to Sharpen All Photos – A Concept Worth Reviewing

One of the most difficult aspects of using Imagener is learning to use the Resharp function in Imagener Pro and Imagener Unlimited. The Resharp function is one of the most important features of Imagener because it will allow you to improve any – and we mean any photo, whether you need to enlarge it or not.

The trick is to play around with the 3 values of the Resharp function: the Amount, the Radius and the Threshold. These represent complicated functions, but we wrote what we believe to be the world’s simplest explanation for these three values – click here.

The Imagener interface allows you to interact with these three values over and over quickly – in this graphic notice the ‘Auto’ checkbox button. This is a feature exclusive to Imagener – when it is selected you can slide the bars for Amount, Radius, and Threshold back and forth to optimize the perfect crispness for your enlarged photo.

Read the article and then play around with these three values with a little understanding of what they do and you really can improve the look of any photo. Need further proof – see this article we wrote about “How To Make Enlargements Sharper.” Really study the two photos and their differences, Resharpening photos with Imagener is truly amazing!

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  • How to Sharpen All Photos – A Concept Worth Reviewing
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YottaPrint 2.0

We’re excited to announce the upcoming new version of YottaPrint – version 2. This new version will be more robust in terms of the way it uses memory and in terms of the physical and digital sizes of files that can be used to create wall murals. Make sure to watch your email for more news in the upcoming weeks, or you can sign up for our newsletters here.

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