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Q: I got a receipt for my purchase but didn’t receive my product key.

A: The answer to this is that the product key ended up in the SPAM or bulk mail folder of your email program or service. After checking if you still can’t find it, please contact us.

Q: I get an error message when I try to activate Imagener.

A: READ the entire e-mail sent to you with the activation instructions before attempting to activate Imagener. The procedure is as follows – read ALL five steps before attempting:

  1. Arrange your screen so that you can see the Activation code and be able to Copy it. Writing it down or typing can create errors. Copy and Paste the numbers from your email to the Activation boxes.
  2. Make sure to get the correct code into the correct box. Put your email with the Activation codes and the Activation dialog box side‑by‑side on your screen.
  3. Make sure to fill out the form with your contact information. IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE: Kneson does not share any of our subscriber or customer information with anyone.

Q: I got a new computer and my license (from before 2015) won’t work.

A: We’ve completed major upgrades of all versions of our products and can no longer send out old versions of Imagener or YottaPrint. The previous versions of our software and the activation are too unstable in today’s modern operating systems. We apologize for any difficulties this may cause.

There are two options: one is that we can provide you with a 30% discount on Imagener or YottaPrint products. Enter “SALE30” without quotes in the Coupon Code box when ordering.

The other is that we’ve just released Imagener Enhanced free of charge. Click here.

Q: Imagener or YottaPrint won’t install.

A: … on YOUR computer. Before claiming our software will not install or work, contact us and ask to have your license reset. Then install on a second computer to try to duplicate your error. Kneson products are rock solid, and all of the claims that our software doesn’t work have been resolved this way because some computers are infected with viruses, adware or malware, or are in some other way defective. Write to us and include your order number and we’ll reset your license to install on a second computer.

Q: I ordered two (or more) of your products and received the activation code for only one of them.

A: First, check your SPAM or bulk mail folder in your email program or service, then contact us and make sure to include your order number if you absolutely cannot find the activation code for the second order.

Q: What is the latest version number and what version do I have?

A: Watch your email for update information in our newsletters. If you’ve unsubscribed (by mistake of course!) sign up on our home page. To check the version number, launch the program you’re inquiring about and select Help, About.

Q: How Do I use Imagener?

A: See our help pages.

Q: My computer died and I got a new one. How can I get Imagener back on my new computer?

A: Write to us and include your order number and we’ll reset your license and send it to the email address we have on file for you unless you want to change it. If you do want to change your email address as well, make sure to clearly say so and include the new email address.

Q: My order receipt suggested I have to wait 40 hours to get a response. I cannot get help now?

A: Kneson reserves up to 40 business hours to respond to requests. We often respond much faster, but 40 business hours can be required in some cases especially near holidays.

Using the Imagener Unlimited enlargement engine, why do I get an error trying to enlarge images smaller than 240 x 240 pixels in dimension?

A: Imagener Unlimited performs an extremely intensive operation on images. It is performing a 3 stage transformation of the image as opposed to a straight enlargement algorithm as Imagener Enhanced or Professional performs. As such, Imagener Unlimited requires a minimum size to perform all operations. The lowest dimension Imagener Unlimited can accept is therefore 240 pixels wide by 240 pixels tall. If either dimension is smaller than 240 – either the height or the width – you will see this error message:

Imagener Unlimited

As you likely know, Imagener Unlimited has the enlargement engines of Imagener Enhanced and Imagener Professional which are also far superior to what can be achieved in other expensive commercially available programs. We suggest trying your enlargement using those enlargement engines as well. They are found in the drop‑down box labeled “Resample Method” — choose any of three additional enlargement engines, Kneson Progressive++, Kneson Progressive, or Kneson. These are three additional distinct enlargement engines that have their own unique abilities to enlarge images depending on content size and complexity.

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