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Imagener’s Dockable “Tear‑Off” Windows

In version 3.x and beyond the Imagener interface was redesigned to include dockable or “tear‑off” windows giving Imagener a more customizable and flexible interface to allow the technology to be adapted to a broader range of work environments. This is especially true if working with two monitors, whether they’re both small, both very large or of different sizes and resolutions, Imagener can be configured to optimize the screen real estate available.

All versions of Imagener have dockable or “tear‑off” window functionality.

Two Screens and the Preview Window

Move the mouse on top of the word ‘Preview’ at the bottom left of Imagener. You may have to resize the entire Imagener interface upward to see it. Holding down the left mouse button on the word ‘Preview,’ drag the window to a different location and resize it larger.

  1. Take advantage of multiple screens. Filling a second screen with the Preview window allows faster iterations to achieve enlargement results sooner.
  2. See detail in Previews. Provides more information to make more accurate adjustments.
  3. Notice detail. A larger Preview window shows more parts of images that could be used as stand-alone assets.
Imagener Preview window on second screen

Why are these important? Because larger images provide more options and Previewing at a larger size likewise provides the user with more image resizing and manipulation options than keeping the Preview window as a small box inside the Imagener starting interface.

“Tear‑off” the Preview window, resize it and place it somewhere else on the screen as you work with your next image inside of Imagener.

Optimizing Imagener’s Interface

Imagener first step in tearing off window from the interface

To “tear‑off” a window from inside Imagener:

  • Place mouse on the grey window bar. In the case of the Preview window, place the mouse next to the word ‘Preview’ as shown.
  • Click the left mouse button and hold. Click and hold on the grey window title bar.
  • Drag the window. While holding the left mouse button down, drag the window placing it anywhere outside the interface.

Place the window anywhere you want. You can easily replace it at any time.

Replace Torn‑Off Windows

Replacing “torn‑off” windows is easy:

  • Again place the mouse on the grey window bar.
  • Click the left mouse button and hold.
  • Drag the window over the interface.

As you move the window around parts of Imagener’s interface, three light blue highlights appear: a “section” that is the same size as the other windows, a horizontal section, or a vertical section.

Replace in same size position
Replace horizontally or vertically

You can replace windows without resizing them smaller. No matter how large a window has been stretched, you can always “snap” it into place, either vertically, horizontally or the same size as the other windows.

Just be sure to notice the shape of the light blue transparent bar that appears and changes as you drag the window around various parts of the Imagener interface.

30 Second Dockable Windows Demo

Click ‘Play’ below to see a quick un‑dock (tear‑off) and replace Preview window demonstration:

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