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Saving & Printing Enlarged Images

Important Considerations For Saving & Printing Finished Image Enlargements


Saving Enlarged Images

Stop! Before loading an image or photo into Imagener, be aware that Imagener does not warn you before overwriting an image. This actually helps you get in the habit of creating a copy of an image before loading it.

Prepare – Before enlarging images you should consider:

  • Only Enlarge Copies – Copy your original image and load only the copy into Imagener. Locate the image in your file manager, right mouse click, select ‘Copy,’ deselet the file, right mouse click, select ‘Paste.’ This will place an automatically named copy of your image file ready for enlargement (or just sharpening without enlargement) in Imagener.
  • Write Protecting the Original Image – If the image you are working on is important, make it ‘Read Only’ before opening it in Imagener. That way you will be forced to give enlarged images a new name and will not overwrite the original at any time.
  • Always Use ‘Save As’ – Unless you have a lot of experience and are aware of how destructive computer programs can be in overwriting files, use the ‘Save As’ command to avoid overwriting originals.
Image Enlarger Supported File Formats

Determine Desired File Format

Determine the type of image you want to save. Imagener has a side benefit of allowing you to open files of one type, and save them as any other supported file format types.

File Locations

File Locations

Browse to the directory where you want your image to be saved by selecting File, Save As, and looking in the upper single line of the Save As dialog box. Then navigate to the desired location and type a unique & descriptive name. Make it a habit to always look at the top line of the Save As dialog box so you know where to find your enlargements.

Printing Enlargements

Printing your enlargements should be handled by any program that can load images. You can load your enlargements into the simplest image programs like MSPaint on Windows. MSPaint comes free on every Windows computer. You can also, of course, load image enlargements into the most sophisticated photo editing software such as Photoshop®. Every Windows computer comes with MSPaint installed – click Start, Run, type ‘MSPAINT’ and the Enter key or click the OK button. Then print your enlargements by choosing … File, … Print. The next screen that you will see is a dialog box that was programmed by the company that made your printer. Read the instructions for your printer carefully on that screen if you have not already.

MSPaint Enlargement Printing Demo

The video below quickly shows how to enlarge an image to 300 DPI, save it giving it an appropriate name, then load it in to MSPaint to print it to a PDF file. You can, of course, print to any printer. If you need a free PDF writer, click here.

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