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How To Download & Install Imagener

1. Find Email From Us

Once you order or click ‘Download’ you should receive an email with information such as that shown on here:

Imagener Photo Enlargement email header

If you do not see your email, check two important items:

  1. That you made sure to have typed each character in your email address correctly. There is never a case where our server does not send an email, and if you didn’t receive your email it is likely that you misspelled your email address or . . .
  2. Check your Spam or bulk mail folder. If you are just now learning to check this folder from reading this it is likely you have other wanted email in that folder!

If you are sure that you have checked both of the above two items, if all else fails, send an email to

2. Install Imagener

The email message body looks like this:

Click the first link to install, then:

  1. Make sure the directory you want to install Imagener in is correct here.
  2. Make sure you have sufficient disk space here.
  3. Click Install.

3. Agree To License

The next screen will ask you to agree to the license in the dialog box.

Note: after this dialog box disappears, please proceed to the activation page.

Image Enlarger License Agreement
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How To Activate Imagener

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