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How To Activate Imagener

1. Paste Activation Code

Once you have installed return to the email you received from us. In it, you should see an activation code in red that looks something like this:

Imagener Photo Enlargement email header
If it has been a while and you cannot locate your activation email, search for an email from “” and make sure to check your spelling and spam or bulk mail folder(s).


2. Paste Code Into Boxes

Paste the code between the dashes into the boxes shown in the red circle to the right. Each code set between dashes goes in each corresponding box in order.

Make sure you also fill out your information in the Activation dialog box including your Name, Street, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Phone and/or Cellular numbers.
Important: Your license might not activate if all information is not filled in. Only one phone number is required.

IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE: Kneson does not share any of our subscriber or customer information with anyone or any company. Ever. We refuse all such requests and our company has a zero tolerance policy regarding user information dissemination for any reason. Over more than a decade of our existence none of our subscriber or customer information has ever been shared or compromised. Your information is secure and we take maximum precautions to maintain its safety.

Image Enlargement Software Activation Box

3. Imagener Activation Process Animated

Imagener Image Enlarger Activation Procedure

Once you click the Activate button the dialog box will disappear.

Activate Button for Imagener Photo Enlarger

Then, simply start Imagener the way you would start any other program. Click the Start button, then Kneson Imagener, then click on the name of the product you downloaded and installed.

Photo Enlarger Activation Complete Dialog Box
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