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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have a version of Imagener from an order several years ago. Can I upgrade?

Answer: If you have purchased Imagener from before 2015, please note that we’ve completed major upgrades to all versions of our products and can no longer send out old versions of Imagener or YottaPrint. The previous versions of our software and the activation are too unstable in today’s modern operating systems. We apologize for any difficulties this may cause.

There are two options: one is that we can provide you with a 30% discount on Imagener or YottaPrint products. Enter “SALE30” without quotes in the Coupon Code box when ordering. Click here to order.

The other is that for a short time we’ve released Imagener Enhanced free of charge.


I received a notification from my anti‑virus program that your software has a virus

Answer: Please see our installation instructions. They suggest that you temporarily disable anti-virus software only during installation.

Kneson Software is completely virus free, and advertisement free. We’ve been in business since 2002 and have thousands of customers using both Imagener and YottaPrint. Our software, as well as software from other reputable vendors, can trigger ‘false positive’ alerts with various anti-virus or anti-malware programs, depending on the anti-virus product you’re using. False positives tend to happen with software vendors that create powerful tools. Imagener and YottaPrint were developed in pure C++ using what some antivirus programs see as aggressive heuristics, which again is the case with many powerful software programs. This frustrates developers like ourselves who do not have the notoriety or influence to ensure our reputation isn’t damaged by careless anti-virus/anti-malware software vendors.


What is the “Granularity” adjustment?

Answer: We wrote a newsletter about Granularity. For most images, you should leave the Granularity slider in the center. Click here to see all our newsletters.


What is the difference between Imagener versions and how do I know which version I have?

Answer: Imagener Unlimited has the enlargement engines of Imagener Enhanced and Imagener Professional. They are found in the drop-down box labeled “Resample Method” Choose any of four additional enlargement engines:

  • Kneson – the original technology developed 20 years ago
  • Kneson Progressive – Imagener Enhanced
  • Kneson Progressive++ – the object-oriented re-programmed core of Imagener Professional

These are four distinct enlargement engines that each have unique abilities to enlarge images depending on image content, dimensions and resolution. We wrote this newsletter about the differences between Imagener versions – click here.


What are the System Requirements to Run Imagener?

Answer: Imagener is a Windows desktop program for enlarging and sharpening digital images. Although it is feasible that Imagener could be run from a mobile phone with a mobile‑to‑desktop rendering program, interacting with Imagener and all of it’s features is best performed from a full‑size computer.

The minimum system requirements to run version 3.x of Imagener Enhanced, Professional or Unlimited are:

  • Intel Pentium processor
  • Microsoft Windows™ 98 2nd Ed., Windows ME, Windows NT, Microsoft® Windows Windows XP, Microsoft® Windows Vista™
  • 128MB of RAM, 512MB recommended – 1GB recommended for Unlimited version
  • 6MB of available hard-disk space
  • 800 × 600 pixels, 16 bit color monitor
  • 56K Internet connection speed or better (for activation only)

I have two personal computers, a desktop and a laptop.  Can I run Imagener on both?

Answer: Imagener is licensed per computer – not per user, but we will reset licenses for use on a single second computer. Please note that the license agreement states the software is licensed for the exclusive use on a single CPU. Contact us with your order number to request a license reset.

Do I need to be online to use Imagener?

Answer: No. Imagener is a stand‑alone desktop application that does not depend on a live internet connection to perform its functions. However, you do need to have a valid, live internet connection only during the brief moment of activation.


I can’t activate or activating is too difficult. Where is the CD that I ordered, or can I avoid activating by ordering a CD?

Answer: If you ordered a CD, you will still have to activate Imagener just as if you had downloaded. The CD version will not run without being activated. We try to ship CDs as soon as possible.

I’m having trouble getting Imagener to run correctly.

Answer: You have a virus on your computer. Even if you have anti‑virus software, the latest viruses are specifically designed to fool even the best anti‑virus programs. Alternatively, you may have tried to install Imagener with anti‑virus software installed that caused the installation to become corrupted. Write to us and include your order number and we’ll reset your license. Then you’ll need to turn your anti‑virus software off, reboot and reinstall, then activate normally.


Does Imagener run on an Apple Mac?

Answer: All versions of Imagener work fine using Parallels Desktop for the Mac.

We highly recommend having this software as it allows you to run any Windows application on the Mac platform.

Aside from this, we are in development of an Imagener version which lays the groundwork for a native Macintosh version. Please watch our newsletter page about release information.


I ordered Imagener on CD. Why did I receive a download link?

Answer: We always provide a download link with all CD orders. Your CD is on the way.

What types of files is Imagener compatible with?

Answer: See our Features page for supported file formats.


What are the differences between Imagener versions?

The Enhanced version is meant to enlarge images at most 200% or double their size. The Professional version can go to 400 or – depending on the image – 500%. Imagener Unlimited can enlarge an image up to the limit of the memory installed on the computer. For more information see our newsletter, “The Difference Between Imagener Versions.”


Do you have a free demo version of Imagener?

Answer: For a limited time, Imagener Enhanced is available for free – click here.


What does the message about 40 hours to respond mean?

Answer: We answer all inquiries and requests for licenses and shipping promptly. To set expectations correctly however we do reserve as many as 40 business hours in the extremely unlikely event of a failed server or some other error that could be out of our control. All orders are sent immediately upon ordering.


What are Imagener’s memory requirements?

Answer: Realize that working with digital images requires more memory than just about any other computing activity. That fact, coupled with even greater memory requirements to perform the enlargement operation itself dictates that the user should only be working with Imagener – without other programs open – until enlargement and any sharpening has been accomplished. We strongly recommend rebooting the computer and only working with Imagener without other open applications.

Also, increase memory in the computer if possible. Memory is rather inexpensive these days (unless you’re working on a laptop) and adding memory will improve all computer functions. Also, if you are working on a laptop – our testing found that many models are less than optimal for working with images because of their limited graphics and memory expansion capabilities.


I accidentally deleted all the photos on my digital camera. I only have these thumbnail images. Can Imagener enlarge those to their original size?

Answer: This is an extreme example and this person would find that using Imagener would provide the best results attainable given the circumstances. But realize that we recommend images be at least 200 dots-per-inch (DPI) to achieve satisfactory results, 300 DPI to achieve print-ready results. Please read about image resolution here.

In this case, thumbnail images are highly unlikely to be 300 or even 200 DPI therefore making it highly unlikely that they can be enlarged satisfactorily. To see why, read “About Enlarging Imageshere.


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