How To Increase Resolution Of Images

Download the image to start the simple steps showing how to increase resolution of image content using Imagener Unlimited.

Use Imagener to improve free stock images.

Thousands of images are free on sites like,, and many others (Google “download free images”). Many don’t charge for stock photography.

One free stock photo site with a growing library of new imagery is We used Imagener on a photo by Carly Rae Hobbins on Unsplash:

Photo resolution and image sharpening with Imagener

Click on Image for Side‑by‑Side Comparison

Image credit: Carly Rae Hobbins

In this image, notice the difference between the Original (as downloaded from and the version treated with Imagener (click on the image to see a side-by-side comparison):

  • the woman’s hair at the top of her head becomes clearer
  • the man’s hair is sharpened
  • the woman’s necklace becomes much sharper
  • the flower becomes clearer, with more depth and color

If viewing on a smartphone, turn the phone to landscape mode to more clearly view the improvements.

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