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Imagener Unlimited - the world's first raster to vector conversion technology.
Imagener Unlimited uses Kneson Software's unprecedented Kneson Unlimited++ Enlargement Method - an interpolation technology that:

   Analyzes the image complexity to optimize for vector conversion
   Converts pixels into vectors - image information converted into lines and polygons
   Converts into the optimum vector level
Imagener Unlimited will allow you to see the fine, tiny detail of any image like never before possible. Complex image information is converted into vectors as small as a single pixel allowing enlargements for poster printing or wall murals. Enhance background detail. Crop and enlarge important portions of treasured photos. Imagener Unlimited will give you eye-popping, astounding results! Imagener Unlimited - The World's First Raster to Vector Enlargement Technology
The Imagener Unlimited technology has almost ten years of development expertise incorporated in it. The logic and algorithms are the result of some of the world's finest image interpolation thinking, and was developed with over $2.5 million dollars of investment. Kneson's research has shown conclusively that this technology is not available anywhere in the world, and is many years ahead of its time. You can't buy this technology anywhere else!
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Imagener intelligently analyzes wide image areas around each pixel to precisely enlarge images.

Imagener Image Enlarger
Imagener Enhanced uses the Kneson Progressive enlargement engine to analyze pixels and calculate a gradient color spectrum matrix, then performs enlargement based on color gradient changes. Imagener Enhanced produces 200-300% enlargements without quality loss.
All the features of the Enhanced version plus our revolutionary Kneson Progressive++ Enlargement Engine - an interpolation technology that goes far beyond methods used by other photo programs costing hundreds of dollars. Amazing enlargements appear from your digital images. Allows enlargements greater than 300% without pixel quality loss.
Resharp Function
Professionally sharpen picture enlargements and further enhance images using Imagener Pro's resharpening function.
Sharpen Using Slider Bars:
Imagener Pro's resharpening function
Imagener Unlimited - the world's first raster to vector enlargement technology contains all of the features of:
Imagener Enhanced
Imagener Professional Kneson Software's revolutionary Kneson Unlimited++ enlargement engine that converts pixels into vectors for enlargement then back into their original pixel-based formats. Allows unlimited enlargements.*
*limited only by computer memory


Pixels are converted to vectors for smoother image enlargement
Imagener Unlimited vector display example image
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