Imagener Image Enlarger
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Enlarge photos from digital cameras
How do I Enlarge Images and Pictures?
Once Imagener has been downloaded, installed and started a window which looks like the window below will appear.
Select a folder (single mouse click) in the Explorer located in the bottom left of the window.

DOUBLE MOUSE CLICK on the desired file to enlarge in Files located right of the Explorer. Preview and other image related information will be shown in Original Image boxes. Highlighting a file and pressing <Enter> or <Ctrl+O> or clicking the File Open button in the toolbar or choosing File->Open from the menu.
To change the size of an image enter the new values for Width and Height, enter the new Resolution, select the Resample Method and click Resize. Imagener works in Percent for Width and Height enlargement by default. This can be changed at any time before clicking Resize. Clicking Reset will undo all the changes made to the image and load the original image back into the program.

Your enlarged image appears in the Result window. The rectangle in Preview indicates which part of the complete image is being displayed in Result. In Result the image can be moved around (when it is larger than the Result area) by moving the image with the mouse cursor (pointer changes to a hand). The rectangle in Preview will adjust as soon as the mouse button is being released.

Optional. You can tell Imagener to enlarge the width and height without being "constrained" - the width and height will be enlarged to different proportions.
Width and Height are "constrained" - locked to move together so the image is proportionally the same as it was before enlargement.
Width and Height are open - each can be changed independently from the other. Click in the middle of the bar to remove the constrain on these proportions.
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