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NOTE: the review only pertains to the version/date mentioned above. Subsequent versions could be quite different from the reviewed version.
Imagener is a digital image resizer which can enlarge images without pixelation and with virtually no loss of image quality.

It features a strongly enhanced interpolation technology which maintains the sharpness of the original image, supports popular bitmap formats (BMP, EMF, GIF, JPG, PCD, PCX, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIF & WMF), and more.

Anybody who uses digital images -- Webmasters, digital camera owners, graphic artists, DTP users, etc. -- needs to be able to resize an image and maintain the original quality. Even the most expensive graphics programs have trouble doing this without the image becoming fuzzy and highly pixelated.

This amazing tool allows you to enlarge an image and still keep it crisp and clean. We took a BMP image which was 384 x 256 pixels in size and then increased that image by 300% (to 1162 x 768) and then decreased that new image by 33% so it was virtually the same size as the original (actually 380 x 253). The image that resulted was very slightly darker than the original and it lost only a tiny amount of detail. Compared to what a major photo-editing program would do, it was perfect!

We had some trouble getting it to read GIF images and we suspect that it does not like the GIF89a format, which is the most popular GIF format on the Internet. [Kneson Software note: The GIF89a (LZW compression) format is supported in both the Enhanced and Professional versions, not in the version that was used for this review]

That aside, Imagener Standard is an absolutely "must have" program for anyone who has to resize images and, in the area of image resizing, it makes $1,000+ photo-editing programs look cheap and nasty.

Get it!!!


Below: the main window

Imagener Standard v1.0.2 screenshot

Below: up close and personal

Imagener Standard v1.0.2 screenshot

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Imagener intelligently analyzes wide image areas around each pixel to precisely enlarge images.

Imagener Image Enlarger
Imagener Enhanced uses the Kneson Progressive enlargement engine to analyze pixels and calculate a gradient color spectrum matrix, then performs enlargement based on color gradient changes. Imagener Enhanced produces 200-300% enlargements without quality loss.
All the features of the Enhanced version plus our revolutionary Kneson Progressive++ Enlargement Engine - an interpolation technology that goes far beyond methods used by other photo programs costing hundreds of dollars. Amazing enlargements appear from your digital images. Allows enlargements greater than 300% without pixel quality loss.
Resharp Function
Professionally sharpen picture enlargements and further enhance images using Imagener Pro's resharpening function.
Sharpen Using Slider Bars:
Imagener Pro's resharpening function
Imagener Unlimited - the world's first raster to vector enlargement technology contains all of the features of: Kneson Software's revolutionary Kneson Unlimited++ enlargement engine that converts pixels into vectors for enlargement then back into unlimited enlargements.*
* limited only by computer memory
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